Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan - 筌壽司 Allsusi

Near No.29-1 Da-dong Street
Da-an District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Phone: +886 2 2771 1856

Website: allsusi.com.tw

During my visit in Taiwan, a friend of mine had been kind enough to take me to this sushi joint near Breeze Centre. I was pretty excited considering my friend was a regular at Kenzan when he was living in Melbourne. When I say regular, I mean like... go there every day, know the chefs personally, go sing karaoke with them and gets happy birthday calls even when he's overseas. He had told me that he finally found a few joints around Taipei which made good sushi, so how could I not be eager to try it out?

I'm going to tell you straight out now that I have no idea what fish is what. All I know is they were good. Dam good. Your eyes can do the rest of the work!

Taipei, Taiwan - 圓鼎 YuanDing Teppanyaki

No. 28. JingZhou Street
Jhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 104
Phone: +886 2 2563 5010

I realise it has been a while since I last updated the blog. I have collected many photos of food and what not to update the blog with from my trip to Taiwan and Europe over the past few weeks! So I'll be doing as much as I can over the next few days.

University just started for me and this year is really full on in comparison to any other of my previous years of education. So I'm doing my best to keep this blog up to date.

For people who love their food, Taiwan is a must go. I really mean it. YuanDing Teppanyaki is staple for me on my visits to Taiwan. The menu comes in set courses, however you can also go a la carte. Obviously the sets are more of a bargain! There are many different types of sets, the one we usually order include prawns but I can't eat prawns so I opted for another fish dish.