Friday, August 14, 2009

Copenhagen, Denmark - Kong Hans Kælder

Vingaardsstræde 6 DK-1070
Copenhagen (Sjaelland)
Phone: +45 3311 6868

So, the first night in Denmark I was really excited, because I was told that we were going to a one star Michelin Restaurant. We ended up outside the entrance of Kong Hans Kælder.

One of the unique things about this restaurant is the building which it is in. It is the oldest building in Copenhagen. Originally a vineyard a thousand years ago, it was on ground level. However over the years the city around the restaurant has risen in level.

As I had stated in my previous post about my trip to Europe, everything was ordered for us by the tour guide (I'm starting to believe that he had no bloody idea what he was ordering).


Asparagus mousse with duck bolognaise and cucumber cubes
This was slightly on the salty side... I take that back. This was god dam salty.
Butter in marble bowls, just had to take a photo of it!
Sea scallops served in a soup of Jerusalem artichokes
Although the sea scallops and the flavour of the soup were nice, it was a tad on the salty side of things.
Filet of Danish beef with assortment of onions and sauceOkay, this steak was pretty crap. Excuse my language but hey it was a Michelin restaurant! There's just no excuse.
Roasted turbot with fennel and blanquette sauce
Strawberries, vanilla ice cream and chocolate brioche
You just can't go wrong with such a simple dessert. And a simple dessert yes it was.

Okay I'm starting to question whether it was our tour guides lack of understanding of how to order food or this place really need to pick up some slack. I'll go with the first after reading reviews on this place and seeing photos of their other dishes.
Petit Four
Okay. Maybe it was the 2nd option? Pretty disappointing plate. Everything was overly sweet, and are Madelines supposed to be burnt?

Overall Score - Fine Dining: 13.5/20
  • Food: 5/10
  • Service: 4/5
  • Venue: 4.5/5
Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 6:00 pm to midnight

Closed sunday


  1. haha i thought those butter bowls were some type of eggs XD