Friday, August 14, 2009

Portello Rosso

15 Warburton La
Melbourne 3000 VIC Phone: (03) 9602 2273

After seeing Claire's
Portello Rosso review at Melbourne Gastronome, I just had to go. Especially to try out the chocolate pudding that she raved about!

Upon arrival, I can already sense that I'm going to like this place. The atmosphere of the joint is very laid back and the waiters are very down to earth and friendly. We opted for a seat upstairs.

My friends and I took our time looking at the menu, and after a while we decided that we had no idea what we wanted to order. Instead I asked the waiter if he could design the menu for us within a limit of $25 per person, which he was more than willing to do so. (We also requested to have at least one pizza, no rabbit since my friend refuses to eat it and no crustaceans because of my allergies.) He was just one of those waiters, who really seemed to be in the know - what food is good, what food the diners would like etc. So I felt totally at ease.

On the side note, I forgot to take a photo of the specials board... so the names of the specials may be incorrect etc. You would think that after all these posts I'd learn to do that by now?

Croquette - Ham & Cheese $9.00
This was from the specials menu, I just so happened to zoom into that above photo of the restaurant and spot the price haha. Anyway, back to the food... The croquette was nice, but Chloe and I agreed that Comme's croquette was better.

Duck migas with fresh tomato salad $11.5
Small description of the dish would be, salted duck in warm salad.
Warning: contains coriander!! (Note: Can be easily picked out without ruining the rest of the dish)

I'm sorry I don't remember what this dish was, but it was a special. I should probably email them and ask really.

Catalonian meatballs with warm tomato salsa $10.5
Bravas patatas $9
Mmm, these were so good... very nicely spiced and crisp on the outside
Crumbed lamb cutlets with (almond?) puree
As you can probably guess, this was another special... thus the question mark. XS quite liked this dish because it really kept its lamb flavour and it was also very succulent. The puree complimented the lamb really well (especially if you didn't want the lamb flavour to be so empowering).

Prosciutto pizze
At the beginning of the meal I asked the waiter what we should order, and he said.. "definitely the tapas". His reason was that you could get a pizza anywhere. Still the pizzas were enjoyable :)

Spiced Chocolate Pudding $15
And here it is... THE chocolate pudding. Definitely worth getting. If you enjoy your chili chocolates, this is something you should not pass on!

For less than $25 each for this meal between the 4 of us. I definitely though it was value for money. The service was 10/10 too, a good waiter can really make your meal! And of course, the food was delicious. I can easily say that I walked out of the restaurant completely satisfied and I would recommend anyone to go there.

Other Useful Information:

Opening hoursTuesday - Friday from 7:30am
Saturday from 6pm
Kitchen hours
Tuesday - Friday Lunch 11:30am to 3pm
Dinner from 5:30pm
Saturdays 6pm to late


  1. I demand a detailed review on vietnamese bread rolls and imitation vietnamese style soap noodles, NOW!

  2. God, everything looks so good... I gotta say, Food must be tastier across the globe!