Monday, June 8, 2009

Comme Kitchen

7 Alfred Pl
Melbourne 3000 VIC Phone: (03) 9631 4000

If I had started this blog a month ago, I would have 3 Comme Kitchen posts by now. But because I didn't I'm missing quite a few photos of the dishes here and there, so bear with me!

As some of you may know, I couldn't get reservations at Comme for Chantels' dinner mid May, so I decided to have lunch there instead with Kaelyn since it was so close to her work.
On my first visit there with Kaelyn, we each ordered 2 entrees and 1 main, and shared a desert which totaled to $29 dollars each. The waiter even halved the chocolate tart for us and gave us an extra scoop of their malted ice cream which was to die for. With that sort of an experience, who wouldn't go back for more? Great food, great service and a great venue!
I'm sorry that the photos aren't that great this time around, I'm still a beginner! :)

Free Range Chicken in the oh so lovely puree $18This dish is no longer on the menu since they changed it 2 weeks ago.. which is very sad because it was definitely a WOW dish. By far my favourite, along with the croquettes! (1st & 2nd visit)

Seared calamari, chorizo, broad benas, pickled chilli, lemon olive oil $18
I can honestly say that I didn't enjoy this dish at all. The texture of the calamari wasn't what I expected. It just did not sit right with me.
(2nd visit)
This beef dish was from the Fast Lunch menu. The dish was okay, not what I expected either like the calamari, however I seem to have enjoyed the purree much more than I did the actual beef. (2nd visit)

Braised Macleay Valley rabbit, olives, tomato, basil, sherry, white polenta $18
This dish would have to come close after the chicken. Especially the white polenta, that was to die for.
(3rd visit)

Rare roast venison, bitter chocolate sauce, parsnip puree, cavalo nero $19
I'm not too sure if I'm that fond of game meat yet, because the flavours are usually more rustic. But it definitely was a good dish.
(3rd visit)
All 3 visits I've had to the restaurant, I have ordered:
  1. Porcini, jamon and Emmental croquettes $2.5 each
  2. Kurobuta proscuitto, wilted greens, shallot vinaigrette, shaved parmesan $3 each
I would've ordered the chicken again the third time if they still had it. The croquette never fails to impress... one bite of it and the insides ooze - dissapearing in your mouth. As with the Kurobuta proscuitto dish, I felt like the first time I had it was the best, the second and third time the wilted greens were drowned in the vinaigrette.
There were many other dishes I did actually try, but these are the ones I either thought were worth mentioning, or I just so happened to take a photo of the dish.
Price: On average I spent around $30 to $35. You can also have a Fast Lunch that comes with 2 plates and a glass of wine priced at $29. For dinner there is also a set meal which you can order.

So because I had 3 trips to the restaurant before starting up this blog, and each experience I felt was different, I decided to score them separately.
All my friends who I took to Comme really loved the decor, especially the bar that is situated in the middle of the restaurant.

Overall Score - Fine Dining:First Visit: 17/20

  • Food: 8/10
  • Service: 5/5
  • Venue: 4/5
Second Visit: 14/20

  • Food: 6/10
  • Service: 4/5
  • Venue: 4/5
Third Visit: 15/20
  • Food: 7.5/10
  • Service: 3.5/5
  • Venue: 4/5
I have to admit, the restaurant staff really do make a big difference on your dining experience. On my first visit, there was not a bad thing you could say about the waiter who served us. On the other two visits, although the waiters were both very friendly, they were no where near as attentive and helpful as the first.
Other Useful Information

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: Midday until Late
Saturday: Four until Late

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