Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sydney: Forty-One

Level 42
2 Chifley Sq

Sydney 2000 NSW
Phone: (02) 9221 2500


During the Easter Break I went up to Sydney. A family friend had been wanting to take us to Tetsuya's since hearing about the restaurant being one of the best in the world. Now, tell me who could pass on that offer? Sadly Tetsuya's was closed for the entire Easter Weekend, so our family friend took us to Forty-One instead.

The restaurant is definitely considered upper dining. Not only were the diners dressed very well for the night, but the noise level of the place was quite low. Being up on the Level 41 on the building, diners get a fantastic view of the city and its harbour.

We opted for the degustation menu that was offered on the night. (Saturday 11, 2009)
A few of us had our meal with matching wines, and the waiter we had was very kind in that department :)

Amuse Bouche… Pickled Quail Breast, Aubergine, Blood Orange, Watercress, Salted Walnut

Langoustine Tail Sauteed in Leek, Jerusalem Artichoke, Pine Nuts, Olives
Barramundi Fillet, Crab Meat Croquette, Celeriac, Saltwater Pork Belly
Roast Duck Breast, Chorizo Stuffed Date, Sauce Soubise, Piquillo Pepper
Demi Tasse of French Onion Soup, Gruyere Crème
Roast Beef Fillet, Wood Mushrooms, Baby Spinach, Truffle Butter
Raw Milk "Alpage" Cheese from Switzerland, Sauvignon Blanc Poached Pear, Beetroot Oil

Dark Chocolate Tart, Raspberry, Mascarpone Sabayon
Fine Apple Tart, Cinnamon, Caramel
Petit Four

I really enjoyed the first four plates, they were put together very well, the only comments I would have to make would be that
  1. I am still iffy about pork crackling, I find it really hard to chew and it just gets stuck in your teeth
  2. The stuffed date that came with the duck breast was by far too sweet for me, though it did really compliment the duck breast.
The steak was perfectly cooked, so no complaints there and the desserts were quite enjoyable. Only thing which caught me off guard were the petit fours, after having such wonderful plates of food I was expecting the petit four to come out with something a little more creative.

Price: The Menu Gourmande 6 course degustation is priced at $150.00 pp, with matched wines $225.00 pp. Degustation menus are usually priced over $130+ nowadays, so it was reasonable.

I really enjoyed my meal at Forty-One, the food was absolutely delightful. The service was on the spot and the waiters were very friendly.
Not sure if I would go back there any time soon as there are many other restaurants in Sydney I'd like to try out first. But I do recommend others to at least give the place a try, it should not disappoint.
Overall Score - Fine Dining: 16/20

  • Food: 7.5/10
  • Service: 4.5/5
  • Venue: 4/5
Other Useful Information
Opening Hours
Lunch - Tuesday to Friday from 12 noon
Dinner - Monday to Saturday from 6pm

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  1. that Roast Duck Breast and that Dark Chocolate Tart are so inviting!! I should visit Melbourne just for those!!