Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blueprint - Bar, Eatery & Kitchen

222-224 Pelham St
Carlton 3053 Vic

Phone: (03) 9347 3691

Yesterday my friend and I went and bought some food at Blueprint for lunch. And guess what I had! Yes it was
"the roll with ham in it, which looks kind of like the salmon one" that I mentioned in my previous post about Blueprint. I believe it is called Novona... I really should have written it down somewhere!

THE Novona $8.70
I should also copy down what the roll actually consists of, but from what you can see... it's got cheese, ham, tomato, lettuce & mayo. (I need to pick up on my food blogging skills!)

My friend bought a Quiche, and decided he wanted to become a thumb model. So here is his debut! I believe it had bacon & spinach in it. $7+

Overall I enjoyed my Novona, there is a reason as to why it is one of my staple lunch foods! Though sometimes after I eat it, the roof of my mouth becomes sore because the bread was so crusty and fresh. My friend enjoyed his Quiche, but he prefers the beef burgundy pie that they also have .

Just before our exam that day, we went to Baretto Espresso Bar in the Alan Gilbert building, and I noticed that a lot of the sandwiches they had were the same (though I did not see the Novona - may have been sold out?). A few of my friends were discussing the other day that all these cafes fall under the Brunetti's chain, so that would explain everything.

Update: A friend just linked me to the Blueprint website, so they're actually owned by the same people as Baretto and 2 other spots around Melbourne University. According to him, Blueprint used to be much better 2 years ago.
Opening Hours:Open 7 days a week

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